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Ink Warriors - Warrior Funk [VIDEO]

Video online! Directed by RA Producties.
Get your album release tickets: inkwarriors.com or bandcamp.com/inkwarriors
Ink Warriors, Let's Gooo!!!!

Ink Warriors Album Release (Sept 2013)
  • After two years of hard work, Surreal's band Ink Warriors will release their debut album "Warrior Funk" on November 9th @ Moira, Utrecht. The album will showcase their trademark Old School Hip-Hop, raw Funk, Soul and Rock-infused sound.
    The album, Produced by Frank v.d. Meulen & Master Surreal and recorded & mixed @ Studio Frank Rijk (Utrecht), will feature 11 Warrior Funkin' tracks.
    Tickets can only be reserved via inkwarriors.com or Bandcamp (bandcamp.com/inkwarriors.
    A limited amount of physical CD's will be printed but the album will be widely available digitally through Bandcamp and iTunes.
    A video for the album's titletrack and first single (directed by RA Producties) will be released later this week!
    So hurry up and reserve your tickets! Ink Warriors, Let's Gooo!!!!
The Surreal Status (Sept 2013)

Lots of new stuff going on...

  • You can now watch the new short film "Inadecuado" by Alwin Ritstier (Smokin' Dog) and his team on its official website www.inadequado.nl. The film (including its script, soundtrack, recording, pre- and postproduction) was made in just 48 hours! During the credits you can hear a portion of the song "Caught Up" made especially for the film by Double G (who produced the track and also did the score) and Master Surreal. Check out the film first and then check out the full song and download it from the official website!
  • Check Out Master Surreal's track "Safe" (prod. Chamon) on the mixtape "Sneakeria vol.1" (mixed by DJ Salesman) by Rotterdam Hip-Hop oollective KANS (Klinkt Als Nieuwe Sneakers).
  • Check out Surreal's Funk/Soul outfit Pure!Soul!Power!!'s new single titled "I'll Keep My head Up" with an inspirational 16 from Surreal! See the "GIGS" section for club-tour dates.
  • Ink Warriors' debut album "Warrior Funk" is being mastered as we speak! A video for the title track and first single is in the making. Stay tuned for a release date!
  • Also working on new tracks and a video is NEOBASH! Their debut album (Jazz/Fusion/Dance/Hiphop), on which Master Surreal and King Jule are the main vocalists, is stil available in selected stores and on iTunes.
  • While Surreal is working on his upcoming album "The Haunting" he's also working on numerous collabo's and mixtape tracks. Besides the above-mentioned tracks he has tracks in the works with MnC, Steven Rietveld and a massive international posse-cut with the homie Double G (Ouzo Fam, Devastators, Kyteman).
The Surreal Status (May 2013)

Exciting times ahead...

  • It's official! Master Surreal's next solo album will be called "The Haunting" and is slated for early 2014. The album will be produced by several producers, alongside some of Surreal's own beats. Stay tuned for more info and a list of producers and other contributers to the album.
  • We've concluded principle recordings for the Ink Warriors' debut album, entitled "Warrior Funk". The coming months we'll focus on mixing the songs and we're gearing up for a late summer release!
  • Wouter Wierda's NEOBASH! album (Jazz/fusion/dance/Hiphop), on which Master Surreal and King Jule are the main vocalists, is now available in selected stores and on iTunes.
    Neobash will be touring The Netherlands this summer (See GIGS).
  • As of now Master Surreal is also a member of Funk/Soul band Pure!Soul!Power!! The 9 man+ outfit, led by Singer Alex Siegers & Bandleader Martijn Koolen also features Vocalist Maike Dubbelaar and Surreal's regular partner-in-rhyme King Jule. The band is currently performing live in The Netherlands and while the performances are a mixture of original material (including raps) and a few covers, no album is planned, as of yet.
Keynote Speakerz - "Record" & "Remix Record" @ Bandcamp.com


On April 19th 2012 (National Day Against Bullying), singer Elles Springs and Hip Hop MC Master Surreal release their anti-bullying single "Stay Cool" and it's accompanied by a powerful video, Directed by the song's producer Gertjan Visser.

You can purchase the single on iTunes: Elles Springs ft. Master Surreal - "Stay Cool" [iTunes]
All earnings are donated to the anti-bullying organisation Aandacht Voor Pesten, so show your support and buy the single!

Read the official press release here: Press Release [in Dutch]. Press Picture [Color] [Black&White].





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